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About Us

Lo-Tek Incorporated was conceived by a small group of automotive enthusiasts in the summer of 1985. Our first mission was to develop auxiliary instrumentation for the venerable Intercooled Turbo Buick introduced in 1986. Our products went on to become the most popular accessory in the instrumentation aftermarket, and spawned an entire industry.

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Our in-house mold-making and finishing shop allows us to offer our products at a substantial savings over our copycat competitors. We can also design and manufacture short-run custom products - something the large, high-volume manufacturers won't do.

Lo-Tek Inc. operates as a "build to order" business. Consequently, we can accommodate almost any customer request - no matter how unconventional. Need a 60mm gauge on the bottom, and a 2 1/16" gauge on the top? No problem. Need a pink pillar for your Mary Kay Cadillac? No problem. Want an undrilled gauge pod for your Nitrous Oxide arming switch? No problem.